Baldwin 11510

Division and Growth

Shortly after Hempstead’s separation from Queen’s County in 1899, people began to move to "Beautiful Baldwin", as it was called by a village realtor. Known for “fine boating, bathing, and fishing”, by 1939 ten years after the opening of Sunrise Highway, Baldwin became the largest unincorporated village in New York State (a title that was lost to booming Levittown by 1960)

In 1990, the area south of Atlantic Avenue was designated as Baldwin Harbor,a hamlet (and census-designated place) with the 1990 United States Census. Today, Baldwin Harbor remains a part of the town of Baldwin's postal code, and school district and library system.

Place in Aviation History

In May 1910, near what is currently known as Plaza Elementary School on Seaman Avenue and Rockville Drive in Baldwin, a breakthrough in American aviation history was made. Brothers Arthur and Albert Heinrich successfully designed, built, and flew the first all-American monoplane. In the plane's initial and subsequent models, its unique designs featured controls that were combined into one stick which allowed the pilot to fly the plane using one hand.

Baldwin Today

Home to an area known around the state as a scenic destination, Baldwin residents as well as those visiting have been choosing Road Ready for their auto repair needs for over 25 years. From general auto repairs to tests and inspections, our shop can do it all. Give us a call today!