Massapequa, North Massapequa, and South Massapequa, 11758

Stormy Skies in Massapequa

Massapequa is notable for it’s weather - severe thunderstorms are not uncommon, often approaching from the mainland to the northwest. During winter, temperatures are warmer than areas further inland, often causing what would have been inland snow to be coastal rain.

However, measurable snowfalls occurs every winter, and in many winters one or more intense storms called Nor'easters may occasionally produce blizzard conditions with snowfalls of 1–2 feet in a single night.

Windy City

On August 25, 2006, a small F0 tornado struck Massapequa. Six years later on Monday, October 30, 2012, Hurricane Sandy devastated much of Massapequa, especially south of Merrick Road where flood waters rose. Schools were closed for several days and many residents remained without power for days after the storm because of uprooted trees and downed power lines.

Given Massapequa’s history with weather, it’s important that your car is prepped for mother nature, no matter what season. Whether it’s auto repair or seasonal maintenance, Road Ready has been delivering professional auto repair services to North and South Massapequa for nearly 3 decades. Give us a call for your next seasonal service!