Seaford 11783

Celebrity History

With the rising popularity of hunting and fishing at the turn of the 20th century came the development of two hotels along Merrick Road: the Sportsman's Hotel, currently home to Verify Moving on Rte. 135, and the Powell Hotel on Jackson Avenue. Numerous notable celebrities came to these hotels to go duck hunting in South Oyster Bay, including Yankees legends Babe Ruth and Lou Gehrig. Local guides who had become accustomed to the land would take them out to the bay for sport.

Cedar Park and Hurricane Sandy

Cedar Creek Park, located on the south end of Seaford on Merrick Road east of Wantagh Avenue, contains playgrounds and athletic fields, and offers a variety of community-based activities. The park is also the site of a sewage treatment plant.

In the the months following Hurricane Sandy, Cedar Creek Park was the home of an emergency assistance center, providing services of the American Red Cross and the FEMA. It also played a central location for property insurance companies to advise customers regarding the filing of claims for property damage.

Road Ready appreciates the opportunity to bring auto repair to the residents of Seaford who gave their time and resources during Hurricane Sandy. With over 25 years of service to Seaford.