Wantagh, North Wantagh, and South Wantagh, 11793

Wantagh’s Development

The area that became today's Wantagh served primarily as a farming area until the construction of Sunrise Highway and Jones Beach in the early 20th century. Following their development, tourism and fishing took hold, centering on Jones Beach, and paved the way for a local economy that continues to be a mainstay in North Wantagh and South Wantagh today.

Prior to that, the Long Island Rail Road had served the town since 1885, but the town did not become the suburban landscape we know today until the housing development between the 1950s and 1970s.

Wantagh is also central to several recreational and state parks, including Jones Beach State Park, Theodore Roosevelt Nature Center, Mill Pond, Wantagh Park, Twin Lakes Preserve.

Auto Repair in Wantagh

Just up the shore, Road Ready serves both longtime Wantagh residents, and those just passing through on the way to one of it’s many lovely parks. If you’re in the area and need auto repair, give Road Ready a call!